Juan Carlos Corral Martín


The Querétaro aerospace cluster emerged as a concept a little more than ten years ago, when the aeronautical industry in Querétaro began to experience a strong growth, first of all due to the establishment of the Intercontinental Airport of Querétaro, accompanied by the arrival of Bombardier, and the decision to create the Aeronautical University in Querétaro (UNAQ), which undoubtedly helped to boost the attraction of more companies and contributed to placing the State on the map of the aeronautical industry nationally and internationally.

Although some aeronautical companies were already installed in the State since 1998, as in the case of the Industria de Turbo Reactores (ITR), the constant arrival of new companies and the creation of others, in particular of SME’s, has allowed the consolidation of an industry that focuses on several areas, such as the manufacturing of airframes, aerostructures, landing gears, stabilizers, as well as components for aeronautical gas turbine engines, and electric harnesses. In the same way, in the State there are companies specialized in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of engines, landing gear and regional single aisle aircrafts in general, as well as companies specialized in special treatments, chemical and thermal. There are also high-tech and international quality companies specializing in advanced aeronautical design and engineering. Likewise, there are companies that provide services that support the industry in general, ranging from airlines, training, consulting and others. Finally, there is the presence of several research centers and educational institutions, where the center of research and consortium named National Center for Aeronautical Technologies (CENTA) stands out.

Currently, the AeroCluster de Querétaro Civil Association is well known as a facilitator and change agent, which seeks the articulation of the industry with academia and government, always seeking to generate the ideal conditions for our sector to continue on the path of sustainable growth.

Our association places as its main asset, the capacity to collaborate with all the key players to place the State of Querétaro in the forefront of the economic, technological and educational development of Mexico.




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