Foreign manufacturers have several options to pursue when setting up an operation in Mexico.

The Shelter option is one of the smoothest, safest and most competitive structures for manufacturing projects and it has been specifically preferred by many Aerospace Industry companies that decided to expand their manufacturing footprint into Mexico.

These series of articles will be helpful either if you are about to start your project in Mexico or if you have been operating in Mexico under a Shelter scheme for some time. We will summarize the reasons why the shelter operating structure continues to be very attractive.

A Shelter Operating Structure in Mexico eliminates the liability and legal exposure of the manufacturing company as the legal entity belongs to the Shelter Operator. Because the Shelter provider is the legal owner, they are ultimately responsible for the Mexican entity´s legal compliance of all applicable regulations related to Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, International Trade, Environmental Health & Safety. Therefore, a Shelter Operator must generate total peace of mind for the manufacturing company.

We will also outline the key elements to choose your Shelter operator, the important recent changes that have been applied to the Shelter structures and how this impacts the taxation rules for current and new operations.

Aditionally, we will share some success cases for operations that were already settled in Mexico and decided to take the most profitable and safest route. 


Prodensa, current member of the Querétaro Aerospace Clúster, is an advisory firm with 35 years of experience  that acts as an integral facilitator and assists companies with market analysis, expansions, site selection, Start-ups, Shelter, and advisory for ongoing operations in Mexico. Prodensa has assisted with the start-up or expansion of over 700 operations all over Mexico.

Prodensa has supported over 20 projects from the Aerospace Industry with their multiple solutions, has helped to generate more than 3 thousand employments in this industry, and has facilitated the investment of more than 100 million USD from foreign Aerospace companies

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