To be an agent of change that facilitates and enhances the opportunities of development of the aronautic and space industry at state, national and international level.
We coordinate companies, research centers, educational institutions and government at the state and federal level to promote employment and training of highly specialized human capital, the development and integration of small, medium and large companies into the chain of value, the promotion of highly innovative plans and programs and the establishment of strategic alliances.


The AeroCluster of Querétaro, is an association recognized for providing a high value to its members and allies, which promotes and strengthens the sustainable development of the aeronautical and space industry of the State of Queretaro nationally and internationally.


  • Collaboration

    Cluster members work together with various stakeholders to promote the sustainable growth of the aerospace industry, implementing projects of high impact and benefit for small, medium and large companies.

  • Commitment

    The cluster develops lasting relationships based on reciprocal support and trust that encourages members to achieve common goals and objectives.

  • Innovation

    Support in policy development, working together with the government sector and supporting our members, generate creative ideas that respond to the needs and priorities of the industry in the continuous improvement of its products and services.

  • Competitivity

    the cluster is a flexible entity with a great adaptability to respond to the needs of its members. The members of the cluster are distinguished by their trajectory of excellence and shared success, who are constantly seeking their improvement in everything they do, and are committed to developing world-class products and services.



Promote and consolidate the aerospace industry in Queretaro State increasing its competitiveness for a greater positioning in the national and international scope.


  1. Promote the development of the value chain that incorporates small, medium and large companies.
  2. Positioning and strengthening the presence of the cluster through cooperation and internationalization with other regions and instances.
  3. Stimulate innovation and scientific technological development supported by the research centers present in the state.
  4. Encourage employment by supporting the development of highly specialized human resources training programs in the aeronautics and space sector.
  5. Implement programs to boost SME development that allow them to integrate into the value chain.

Shaping the cluster

The cluster adopts the triple helix concept by organizing its members in three: the business sector, the academic sector and the governmental sector, which are organized according to the following four major groups:


Dedicated to the Aerospace industry or providing support products and services.


    • Research centers: public institutions dedicated to the research and development of products and related services or that support the Aerospace Industry.
    • Academic Institutions: public or private institutions dedicated to training, training and training that have plans and programs related to or support the Aerospace Industry.


Public and Private Organizations: public or private entities related to or supporting the development of the Aerospace Industry.

Strategic Axis

  • Competitive sectoral intelligence: precise knowledge of the aerospace industry through the development and measurement of variables and indicators that facilitate the development of plans and programs as well as decision making.
  • Collaboration and participation of the members: to foment the collaboration and the participation of the members.
  • Generation of value for members: pursuit of benefits and competitive and comparative advantages when forming part of the association.
  • Development of specialized human capital: promotion of plans and programs for training, training and education for the aerospace industry.
  • Stimulation of innovation and supply chain: support in the development of research and development projects, as well as promotion of plans and programs to boost the supply chain at the state and regional level.
  • Positioning of the cluster, the state and the region: development of plans and programs for the positioning and strengthening of the presence of the cluster, the state and the region at national and international level.
  • Obtainment of resources and investment: dissemination of calls and programs to obtain public and private funds to finance projects that boost the aerospace industry.

Lines of action

1. Value Chain Development

2. Cooperation and internationalization

3. Scientific and technological development

4. Employment and Human Resources Training

5. SME’s impulse