Get the benefits of integrating with the fastest growing aerospace cluster in Mexico:

   International promotion of member services and capacities

   Participation in projects supported by Federal and State government

   Support for Supplier Chain Integration

   Facilitation and liaison with agencies and companies of Aerospace and Quality Certification

   Participation in the various commissions of the cluster in the areas of supply chain, scientific and technological development, employment and training of human capital and SMEs.

join the AeroCluster

To join the AeroCluster of Querétaro, it is through enrollment as an associate member or affiliated member.

We ask you to complete the following online application:

Once received, it will be submitted to the full Board of Directors that will determine if the company is integrated as an Associate or as an Affiliate and the corresponding quota, both with a commitment to participate for at least three consecutive years.

Once your request is accepted, you will be asked to send us the following information in a digital file:

  1. Name, address and nationality.
  2. Copy of a document containing information relating to the registered capital stock, declared before the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, in case it proceeds or what corresponds according to the legal nature of the Associate
  3. A simple copy of the articles of incorporation and data related to their registration with the Public Registry of Commerce of their registered office, as well as a copy of public deeds containing amendments to their bylaws duly registered in the Public Registry of Commerce to which their address corresponds, if applicable or what corresponds according to the legal nature of the Associate.
  4. Copy of the current tax identification card.
  5. Proof of address.
  6. A simple copy of the public instrument registered in the corresponding Public Registry of Commerce, where the powers of the legal representative signing the request are accredited, in case it is appropriate or what corresponds according to the legal nature of the Associate.
  7. Valid official identification with photo and signature of legal representative.
  8. Number of workers and direct employees at your service in the Mexican Republic and in the state.
  9. Level of sales in national territory and/or in international markets (if applicable).

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