Local Supply Chain

Become a member

  • Networking

    Discover new opportunities to network with peers of different backgrounds and areas of expertise of the cluster

  • Support and assistance

    Provide support and assistance on specific queries, address issues on behalf of our members and provide assistance to develop opportunities in the aerospace industry, identify technology development partners and improve operational performance, among others.

  • Lobbying

    Raising the visibility and profile of the aerospace industry in Querétaro State and what it’s needs are, thru different partnerships, working with other clusters, collaborating with FEMIA and also with:

    • Local authorities,
    • Federal entities, and
    • Other key players.
  • Funding support

    The cluster is credited and has strong relationships with SEDESUINADEM, DGIPAT, and with support entities such as the CONACYT. We advise our members and help them with funding applications.

  • Also

    Additionally, you will obtain:

    • Involvement in our working committees
    • The Aerocluster Querétaro hallmark as member, for display on your company or institution
    • Retaining your company or institution logo on our website, social media and cluster printed materials
    • Participate with up to two delegates in our biannual general assembly
    • Free access or special pricing to key events and seminars
    • Be elected on our Board of Directors (only to associated members)