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Become part of the Aerospace cluster of Querétaro, one of the most dynamic clusters in México.

Come and get to know all the possibilities that we can open for your company of institution.

We have over 70 members from the state and the region that will welcome you to participate in several activities thruout the year. Contact us!

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Are you familiar with the ecosystem of the aerospace industry in Querétaro?

Take a look at the latest version of our local and regional supply chain.

In year 2014, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) issued a letter to the United State’s goverment called Aerospace cybersecurity and safety, intended to stress the importance joinin forces in the aerospace sector facing the cybersecurity challenges in three key areas:

  • Open sharing of information
  • Cybersecurity Framework and Roadmap
  • Aerospace and Defense Industry Assessment

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