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Become part of the Aerospace cluster of Querétaro, one of the most dynamic clusters in México.

Come and get to know all the possibilities that we can open for your company of institution.

We have over 70 members from the state and the region that will welcome you to participate in several activities thruout the year. Contact us!

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Are you familiar with the ecosystem of the aerospace industry in Querétaro?

Take a look at the latest version of our local and regional supply chain.

Through the Supply Chain Development Commission of the Aerocluster de Querétaro, your company is invited to participate in the update of the Aerospace Industry Supply Chain Needs Study in Querétaro 2020 – 2022.

This study aims to know from a regional perspective, which processes, services and / or materials that your company would be willing to obtain from external companies (in the ideal scenario in which these capabilities were already present in Querétaro), and also identify how much would you be willing to buy and / or outsource locally for the next three years.

In this edition, the study will focus on five key commodities:

  • Raw material
  • Manufacturing process
  • Special processes and NDT
  • Industrial services and materials
  • Standard parts

The participation of your company in this study is fundamental, since, thanks to your commitment, we will be able to develop an effective analysis and communication instrument, available to our partners, government entities, and allies at national and international level, which will allows us to build a new reality in the development of local supply. Let’s do it to strengthen and increase the growth of our industry.

For more information contacto Diana Cibrian, contacto@aeroclusterqueretaro.mx or call +52 442 454 1616 ext. 100.


Bi-monthly newsletter of the activities and events of the Aeroclúster de Querétaro and the most relevant news of the Aerospace Industry in the state.

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ProMéxico, en su interés por elaborar documentos y herramientas de valor que sirvan de apoyo para promover los negocios internacionales en favor de las empresas mexicanas, se dio a la tarea de elaborar un documento que considerara los polos de competitividad en el país en materia de innovación tecnológica aplicada en manufactura.

En tal sentido, el Aeroclúster de Querétaro forma parte de este esfuerzo, por ser una de las principales entidades articuladoras de sinergias colaborativas triple hélice en su industria y estado.

Dicho documento es accesible en el sitio: Mexico Investment Map, en donde podrá consultar la información a través de una herramienta de localización, o bien descargar el documento “Polos de competitividad en innovación industrial de México”, disponible en español.

In year 2014, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) issued a letter to the United State’s goverment called Aerospace cybersecurity and safety, intended to stress the importance joinin forces in the aerospace sector facing the cybersecurity challenges in three key areas:

  • Open sharing of information
  • Cybersecurity Framework and Roadmap
  • Aerospace and Defense Industry Assessment

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